If you are interested in adding TCTSY to your healing journey...

Exploring having a body and being in our bodies is a big step.  So is nourishing ourselves.  Especially in the context of trauma.  Here are some steps that you might take to begin or to learn more:

Call or Email

You might be unsure if yoga with me is for you, or maybe you have questions or concerns.  You are welcome to call or email.  I will answer any questions as best I can via phone or email and offer to meet for a free 30-minute consultation.

You might want to register for classes right away.  If you have not taken classes with me before, then we will meet in person or by phone/video (your choice) for a free 30-minute consultation.  If you have taken TCTSY classes with me before, you may email me or call to register directly.

Meet in person

I offer free 30-minute consultations to individuals, groups, and therapists in person or via video if you prefer.  This is an opportunity for you to get a feel for me, to learn the basics about TCTSY classes, and to discuss if and how TCTSY might be useful to you or your clients/others.  You are welcome to invite a friend, therapist, or other support person.

Photo credit to incredible meditation and mindfulness teacher, photographer, and human  Joy Jordan .

Photo credit to incredible meditation and mindfulness teacher, photographer, and human Joy Jordan.

During these meetings, we will discuss:

  • Your interest in practicing TCTSY

  • Your questions and concerns

  • Your experience or concerns with physical practices (no yoga experience or other physical activity required)

  • What to expect in a TCTSY class

  • Different options for TCTSY classes (individual, group, partner, virtual, option to integrate reading or journaling, your ideas)

  • Your experience with trauma symptoms (what living with trauma is like for you). This is to support your safety and wellbeing in and after class. I do not ask for your trauma story.

  • Your support system and other resources or practices that support your wellbeing. I ask that you have someone with whom you can talk about trauma (whatever that means to you) so that you have support if yoga is triggering or stirs up trauma content. This person could be a therapist, friend, spiritual mentor, advocate, family member etc.

take time to reflect and ask more questions

You might know right away that you would like to try yoga together or that you definitely don’t. Or, you might have more questions or decide now is not the right time. You are welcome to email or call. 

Schedule classes

You can register for a series of classes by phone or email. Or, schedule directly at Cardinal Point in Menasha, WI.

Or, you might schedule one or multiple individual sessions.