websites and teachers focused on decolonizing yoga and yoga as anti-oppression

See below for some resources that have been inspiring or supportive of my wellbeing and commitment to yoga justice and integrity. This is not a comprehensive list of anti-colonial or anti-oppressive yoga work - there is so much more amazing work out there! Feel free to share in the contact page.

Decolonizing Yoga

Feminism, queer/trans, race, cultural appropriation, and body acceptance resources, writing, and advocacy.

Susanna Barkataki

Yoga teacher, trainer, speaker, author, and culture advocate with teachings relating to cultural appropriation, race, and body.

ctzn well

Yoga practice, action, and community work for justice. Podcasts, direct action, and practice offerings.

jacoby ballard

Yoga and Buddhism focused on justice and accessibility, especially for people who are dis/abled, with abundant bodies, queer and trans people, and people with low resources.

jessamyn stanley

Yoga teacher, writer, body positivity activist.

body positive yoga

Yoga classes, teachings, retreats, training, advocacy focusing on body positivity.

michelle cassandra johnson

Social justice activism, anti-racism, writings, yoga teachings.

Rae Johnson

Queer-identified scholar working on somatics and social justice, particularly the embodiment of oppression.